True Hearts Bunny Pendant

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A fundraiser for True Hearts Rescue

Through using community outreach, education initiatives, spay/neuter, and fostering and adoption programs, True Hearts for Healing Paws advocates for rabbits who are at risk and abandoned. With 50+ rabbits in foster homes at any given time, this rescue organization relies upon the support of generous donors to provide their bunnies with the medical care and supplies they need to thrive.

Both of my beloved bunnies, Kevin and Lucy, came to me through True Hearts Rescue (you can read more about them on my about page if you care to). They bring so much joy to me each day with their hijinks, I'm forever grateful to True Hearts for saving them and want to give back.

This rabbit pendant is made of sterling silver and has been slightly darkened with patina so the bunny heart design pops. The edge has been lightly hammered so it sparkles in the light. It comes on an 18" silver chain. 75% of the purchase price will be donated to True Hearts for Healing Paws.

How is it made?

The pendants are made using a process called electrical etching. I add the design to a piece of silver and the ink acts as a resist. A small electrical current is run through it while it's placed in a chemical bath. Small grains of metal are pulled from the sheet of sterling silver leaving the spaces where the ink is. After about three hours in the etching bath, I clean off the remains of the ink with acetone and a wire brush. Then each circle is sawed out by hand, filed, sanded and polished. Each necklace will be unique and have differences, over time, the sterling silver will darken, but it can be cleaned up with a polishing cloth.

Why bunnies?

Bunnies are the third most common animal that ends up in shelters, but the rescues and resources available to help them are so much more limited than for cats or dogs. Currently most animal shelters in my state are all full, turning away rabbits. Some of the shelters euthanize when they have no more room for rabbits and become overcrowded, others send them to auction where they often face a fate worse than death. Rabbits still have a long way to go before they are seen by the general public for the amazing, sensitive, intelligent housemates they really are.